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Industrial Research and Technology Transfer Laboratory accredited by Emilia Romagna Region (DGR 1213/2007) with Deliberation n.GPG/2012/119 of February 6, 2012.

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Ongoing projects

LTTA is the leader of the POR-FESR project



Development and pilot validation or a portable medical device with bio-photonic imaging integrated with lipid-omic testing metodology. Partnership with: Proambiente, CIRI SDV, CFR. Lipinutragen, Silfradent, HyperSpectral imaging.

LTTA is a partner of the POR-FESR projects


CUBIBOX (Customized Biological Box)

New generation platform for in vitro testing. Partnership with: TPM (project leader), IRST di Meldola, Fondazione Democenter-SIPE, B.Braun Avitum Italy, Comecer, Rimos, Ophera.


SUPER (Supercomputing Unified Platform - Emilia Romagna)

Partnership with several regional Universities. Cineca: the project leader.